Finnish education praised in the United States

NBC’s Education Nation campaign presents Finland as a model for improving the American education system.

NBC Nightly News visited Finland to investigate the reasons why the Finnish education system is performing so well, as part of its ongoing Education Nation campaign in the United States. Finnish students rank first overall for Science and Maths, while American students are ranked at number 17 and 24 respectively.

According to a programme broadcast on NBC Nightly News, the success of Finland’s education system is based on its tough national curriculum, the fact that all teachers have Masters Degrees, and the use of up to three teachers per classroom. Finland has a collective national will to educate all students and the drop-out rate in Finnish schools is only 2% compared to 25% in the United States. As a result there are no failing schools in Finland, although spending per student is USD 3000 less than in American schools, according to NBC.

NBC also noted that Finnish teachers come from the top 10% of the country’s graduates and there is still a strong appreciation for the teaching profession in Finland. The Finnish education system is being presented as a model for improving the American system in NBC’s ongoing Education Nation campaign.

Source: NBC