Finnish consumers increasingly use mobile phones for online shopping

Men and under 45 year-olds are most likely to buy products and services online with their phones

Making purchases with a mobile phone is becoming increasingly popular in Finland among people who use the Internet for shopping, according to a newly published study by Smilehouse Oy. A quarter of the respondents to the study said they had used their mobile phones to buy products of services online.

Men and under 45 year-olds are the most likely consumers to shop on the phone, with a third of the male respondents doing so, compared to a fifth of the female respondents. The use of mobile phones as an aid to online purchases is the next major technological growth area in the online retail world, according to Jaakko Hallavo, Smilehouse’s leading consultant. He believes that the increasing popularity of smartphones will also soon be visible in the development of Finnish online stores.

Mobile phones are also increasingly used for searching information about products and stores. A third of the respondents had used their phones to find contact information for stores, 15% to get price and availability information, and 9% to get reviews about products or discounts and special offers.

The vast majority of the consumers who participated in the study said they visit online stores at least monthly, with almost half doing so on a weekly basis. Most respondents said they review the availability of products and also make product and price comparisons. A third of the respondents stated that they usually go online purely to buy products.

The data for Smilehouse’s study was collected in November 2010 through an online survey, which was answered by 800 consumers who actively use the Internet.

Source: The Federation of Finnish Commerce