Finnish company launches international recruitment service joberate.com

New online service from Kiitos Consulting Ltd offers an easy way to publish job adverts in social networks, job boards, blogs, forums and niche sites.

The Finnish company Kiitos Consulting Ltd is launching an international recruitment service through which companies can publish their job adverts on a wide range of Internet channels. The objective of joberate.com is to offer an easy and cost-efficient way to publish job adverts in relevant digital media channels including social networks, native job boards, blogs, forums and niche sites.

Joberate.com enables one-click access to different job boards and social media channels globally. The service is aiming to become an alternative for headhunting services even in the most challenging searches.

Kiitos Consulting Ltd. has been testing joberate.com with pilot clients in Finland and the United States, and is also looking for business in Britain. The company is headquartered in Finland and operates internationally.

Source: Markkinointi&Mainonta