Finnish company develops remote health diagnostic solution

iSTOC’s Immediate Diagnosis and Analysis system can read all medical diagnostic test strips and reduce costs by more than 70%.

The Finnish company iSTOC, founded in 2012 and based in Oulu, has developed a rapid, cheap and real-time point of care diagnostic solution with remote monitoring and coaching features. iSTOC is currently looking for partners and investors to conduct clinical trials before final productization.

The machine vision algorithm developed by iStock can read all medical diagnostic test strips. According to iSTOC, its Immediate Diagnosis and Analysis (IDA) mobile software is easy to use the analysis is performed in seconds and the data is automatically sent to the internet server. The cloud service software is designed for healthcare professionals and enables online monitoring, coaching and fast reaction to acute health problems.

Transforming diagnostic services

According to iSTOC, the IDA system can transform the current point of care diagnostic services currently used in routine healthcare analyses, and reduce costs by more than 70%. The self-test or nurse-assisted tests can be made anywhere at any time. The patient receives real-time medical coaching to her or his mobile device, tablet or PC healthcare. The healthcare professional will get an easy to use service which significantly reduces workload and speeds up decision-making.

CEO Jarmo Järvenpää believes that the diagnostics, services and communications for health, wellbeing and care will all work seamlessly as one totality in the future. iSTOC’s system is being tested for the first time at the Kaakkuri health centre in Oulu.

In addition to health care, the applications developed by iStoc are also useful for the cleantech sector. For example, they can be used for monitoring the quality of water.

Sources: iSTOC, Kauppalehti Optio