Finnish Cleantech business grew by 15 % in 2012

29 % growth prognosis for small companies in 2013

Cleantech was one of Finland’s fastest-growing business sectors in 2012. Combined turnover for cleantech business was EUR 24.6 billion and annual growth 15 %, according to a survey by Cleantech Finland.

According to Statistics Finland, the Finnish GDP diminished by 0.2 % and the combined turnover for Finnish industrial companies diminished by 0.6 % in 2012.

- Finnish cleantech expertise is in high demand internationally, and Finnish companies have been quick to utilize the market potential. There has also been strong governmental support to boost cleantech growth. Over recent years cleantech has been one of the few growth business areas in Finland in general, and one of the very few with annual growth of ten per cent or more, says Mari Pantsar-Kallio, Strategy Director for the Cleantech strategy program at the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

- Cleantech has become a key driver for the Finnish economy. Furthermore, Finland has become a major player in the global cleantech market, with a market share of over 1 %. Finland’s share of the global GDP is approximately 0.4 %, so relative to GDP we are one of the world’s leading cleantech nations, says Santtu Hulkkonen, Executive Director of Cleantech Finland.

Finnish cleantech companies expect strong growth also in 2013.
- Small companies in particular have terrific growth expectations – they predict as much as 29 % sales growth for 2013, Hulkkonen says.

China is key growth market, energy efficiency key driver

According to the survey, the Finnish cleantech business is strongly export-driven – the majority of cleantech companies get more than half of their turnover from abroad. In 2012 key export markets were Germany, China, Sweden, France and Russia. The most interesting growth markets in the next few years are China, Russia, Germany, Sweden and Brazil.

- Finnish companies are also very interested in India and several EU countries. Also USA has maintained its position as an interesting market from year to year, Santtu Hulkkonen says.

Energy efficiency has traditionally been Finland’s key area of cleantech expertise. 59 % of Finnish cleantech companies work with energy efficiency solutions, and these account for more than a third of total industry turnover. Almost half of the companies also have operations in renewable energy production, transfer or distribution.

- Finland is now reaping the benefits of having a cold climate and no natural fossil resources. For decades we have had to look for ways to decrease heating costs and find alternatives to fossil fuels. This expertise is now in high global demand, Hulkkonen points out.

The Cleantech Business in Finland 2013 survey is the fourth annual study mapping out the Finnish cleantech industry. In March – April 2013 74 Finnish cleantech companies were interviewed by phone and key figures of 115 companies were researched. 51% of the responding companies were small, 22 % mid-size and 27 % large. The total industry turnover excludes forestry and energy production. The survey was conducted by pohjoisranta Burson-Marsteller.


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See summary of survey results on SlideShare: http://slidesha.re/YSnb1S

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