Finncomm Airlines increases flights to Norrköping in Sweden

Finncomm connects Sweden to Finnair’s popular flights to Asia.

Airline Finncom is doubling its service between Helsinki, Finland, and Norrköping in Sweden. Starting from 1 November 2010, Finncom will fly four departures on weekdays and two departures on Sundays.

The extra departures will be introduced to improve connections for passengers from Norrköping travelling on Finnair’s scheduled flights to Asia. The number of passengers travelling on Finncomm from Norrköping to Finland and via Helsinki to the Baltic countries and Asia has increased strongly during the first year of operation. The number of people travelling from Finland has also exceeded expectations.

Every weekday Finncomm’s service from Norrköping connect conveniently via Helsinki to Finnair’s flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Delhi, Seoul, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokio and New York. In May 2011, Finnair will also add one more scheduled flight to Singapore.

Finncomm Airlines is a privately owned Finnish airline company which carried about 872 000 passenger in 2009. Finncomm has co-operated with Finnair since 1998 and the schedules have been harmonized to ensure good connections from Finnish domestic routes to Finnair's international route network. Almost half of Finland’s domestic flights are flown by Finncomm.

Source: Kauppalehti, Finncomm