Finland’s St1 claims world’s cleanest biofuel

St1’s founder Mika Anttonen sees a very bright future for the RE85 fuel produced from bioethanol.

The Finnish energy company St1 is aiming to conquer the world with its bioethanol fuel which is produced from waste with renewable energy. In an article published by the website Good News from Finland, St1’s founder and Chairman of the Board Mika Anttonen says that the RE85 fuel produced by his company is the world’s cleanest biofuel.

“Bioethanol is widely being manufactured from crops, for example, but, as far as we know, we are the only ones using food industry waste as the raw material,” says Anttonen in the article. According to St1, its production method for RE85 creates almost no carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. RE85 consists of 80–85% bioethanol and can be used in Flex-fuel vehicles, reducing emissions from road traffic by up to 80%.

EU legislation to open markets

According to Anttonen, Finland has in place the strictest legislation in the world, which has contributed to the development of biofuels. Once implemented, the legislation on second-generation biofuels that is being prepared in the EU will require energy companies to distribute biofuels, which Anttonen believes will open up the markets for St1.

“In a few years’ time, we will know in which order we will go global. We have invested in the right technology at the right time, and the future looks bright. We have a huge head start on others in this sector,” says Anttonen in the article.

In addition to manufactures bioethanol from food industry waste, St1 also generates electricity through wind power and works with a number of renewable energy sources.

Source: Good News from Finland