Finland’s Russian news programme is a success

Almost 300,000 viewers in Finland follow the Russian language news programme Novosti Yle.

Finland’s national public service broadcasting company Yle started its Russian language news programme Novosti Yle in May this year. The first television news in Russian attracted 150,000 viewers and the figure has quickly grown to almost 300,000, according to Yle. This shows that the news in Russian is followed by many other people in Finland in addition to the 65,000 Russians living in the country.

“There are people in the Russian-speaking community who cannot manage in Finnish or English as well as the young people do. It is important that we can give everyone the opportunity to get familiar with events in Finland and the world in their own language,” says Lioubov Shalygina, one of the journalists producing and presenting Novosti Yle.

Finland’s growing Russian community

Russians form the largest immigrant community in Finland and Russia is by far the largest source of tourism to Finland. The number of Russian tourists visiting Finland has been increasing every year for the past decade. In 2012, Russian tourists visiting Finland spent a total of EUR 1.2 billion.

The seven-member Novosti Yle team produces news for the radio, television and internet. “We offer reliable news produced from a Finnish perspective for this significant and growing language group,” says Shalygina. “People are mainly happy about our news. They are important for the Russians living in Finland as well as the Finns.” The news is subtitled in Finnish.

Source: Yle
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