Finland’s future pensioners will spend more money on travel

With more wealthy pensioners than ever, Finland will need more services tailored to their specific needs.

Finland will have many more healthy and wealthy pensioners in the future, according to the National Consumer Research Centre. The biggest share of their leisure time consumption will be on travel. However, many senior citizen consumers feel that services are not being tailored to meet their needs.

Wealthy pensioners will typically have paid off their mortgages, while also owning countryside cottages that are habitable throughout the year and, possibly, holiday homes abroad. In addition to wellness and fitness services, there may be greater demand in the future for security, refuse collection and food delivery services for pensioners in Finland, according to Anu Raijas, Head of Research at the National Consumer Research Centre. For example, with many pensioners spending time at their cottages around the year, they will want to make sure that food and refuse services are working well.

For many people reaching retirement age, the focus of life used to be more on their children and grandchildren. This will change in the future and retirement will represent a new stage in life where people look forward to having more time for themselves.

Source: STT