Finland's first outlet village to be built in Oulu

Nordlett Outlet Village offers new retail opportunities and is expected to boost tourism in northern Finland.

Finland's first outlet village will open next year in Liminka, a 15-minute drive from the city of Oulu in northern Finland. Nordlett Outlet Village will consist of 30-40 stores built from wood as well as 3-5 restaurants, an indoor play area for children, and a gaming area from young people. Brands at the outlet village will include fashion, sports, outdoor products, and home furnishing.

According to Nordlett, the outlet village area has been designated 20,000 square metres for specialty retail trade and services that also support tourism. In the future Nordlett Outlet is expected to become a major tourism destination in the Oulu region and northern Finland as a whole, also bringing in visitors from Sweden, Norway and Russia.

Nordlett's location along the major road to the skiing and other holiday destinations in northern Finland makes it highly attractive especially for outdoor product retailers. More than two million car-driving customers are already stopping in the same location to visit an adjacent ABC service station owned by the S-Group. Contracts have already been signed with the first tenants of the outlet village and negotiations are ongoing with many other interested companies.

According to Tuija Postari-Kivistö who has developed the concept, Nordlett will also offer a valuable shop window for Oulu's renowned IT know-how. “In the future, Nordlett will be a platform for new inventions harnessed to serve the tourism and retail sectors in the city,” she says.

Nordlett's first B2B event will be held at Oulun Yritystakomo, Elektroniikkatie 3, on Tuesday 21 August at 17.00. The event will introduce the business concept to interested companies in the region.

Sources: Kaleva, Nordlett