Finland’s first hydrogen fuelling station to open at Vuosaari Harbour

Woikoski has developed a refuelling station for fuel cell vehicles which is suitable for international markets.

Finland’s first commercial hydrogen fuelling station for private cars and buses will open in 2014 at the Port of Helsinki, Vuosaari Harbour, according to the Finnish gas manufacturer Woikoski Oy. Woikoski also has Finland’s first hydrogen fuel cell car which is produced by Hyundai. Many car manufacturers are planning to introduce fuel cell cars to the consumer market in 2015.

Woikoski has also developed and manufactured a mobile hydrogen refuelling station for fuel cell vehicles, which is suitable for the early introduction of fuel cell vehicles in international markets. According to Woikoski, the refuelling station is an environmentally friendly solution that includes its own innovative technology.

Expanding hydrogen production

Woikoski is utilizing by-product hydrogen from various chemical plants and also expanding its hydrogen production capacity in Finland. The company has already invested in new hydrogen road transport vehicles.

Woikoski has been producing hydrogen for over 100 years and is the old gas company in Finland. According to Woikoski, it is currently transporting 500 tons of hydrogen annually and planning to deploy more hydrogen refuelling stations in Finland and worldwide.

Sources: Ilta-Sanomat, Woikoski