Finland’s entrepreneurial culture praised by The Economist

Finland’s dynamic start-up and innovation culture, excellent education system and open source attitude create a base for global success stories.

Excellent education and open source attitude

The Finnish education system is described as one of the world’s most successful as measured by the PISA tests, with trust and stability identified as its key strengths. Finnish teachers are allowed to experiment with different styles of teaching but they emphasise creativity and group learning. Tests are used to diagnose students rather than for classifying them.

As the home of the open source computer operating system Linux, Finland is also proud to organise other “open source” happenings that allow anyone to have a go, according to The Economist. These can range from events like an open-source opera to Helsinki’s restaurant day where anyone can serve their food to the public in the city streets, parks, gardens and rooftops.

Nordic countries offer a role model

The Economist considers the Nordic countries as a possible role model for other countries too. In its editorial, the magazine is especially impressed with the ability of the Nordic countries to reform the welfare state and the whole public sector.

According to The Economist, the new Nordic model now begins with the individual rather than the state and is based on fiscal responsibility. Evidence of this is the fact that all four Nordic countries have AAA ratings and debt loads significantly below the euro-zone average. Finland is the only Nordic country that is a member of both the European Union and the euro area.

Source: The Economist