Finland powers high tech manufacturing at Tampere.

Manufacturing Performance Days event in Tampere brings together industry over 400 manufacturing industry experts for three days of high-level presentations and discussions. Invest in Finland is a partner in the Manufacturing Performance Days (MPD) event held this week in Tampere. The theme of this year’s MPD is Sustainable Growth.

Finland’s strengths in high tech know-how

Jorma Turunen, CEO of The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, discussed the structural changes in the Finnish manufacturing industry. In his view, the companies that have been doing well in recent years are now doing even better, while those with difficulties will continue to face uncertainty. For example,
the Finnish manufacturing consulting industry is currently doing well but the electronics industry is struggling and will continue to do so due to the attractiveness of the industry in Asia, where China is in a class of its own.

Turunen believes that competitiveness is the key factor in industrial investments. According to Turunen, Finland’s strengths in the manufacturing industry are in niche production, areas based on high know-how, and a high degree of automation and tailoring. Finnish export manufacturing companies also have a deep understanding of end customer needs, a strong understanding of the main markets and the new emerging markets, and the ability to combine several technologies to the market offering.

Turunen also noted the need for more multinational small and medium sized enterprises in Finland.

Source: Invest in Finland

Text by Maria Arruda and Sami Sallinen