Finland offers competitive tender for EUR 285 million motorway

The Finnish Transport Agency is organising a for the construction using the life-cycle model

The conversion of Highway 7 into a motorway on the Koskenkylä – Loviisa – Kotka section is one of the four as yet unbuilt E18 upgrading projects between Turku and Vaalimaa. Finland has agreed to construct E18 as a motorway by 2015.

The Koskenkylä – Kotka project comprises the conversion of the current highway into a motorway in the section from Koskenkylä to Loviisa (17 km) and the construction of a new motorway from Loviisa to Kotka (39 km), as well as the improvement of noise barriers in a 10-km section in the Kotka city area. Currently, the highway between Loviisa and Kotka is of a poor level, which hampers the fluency and safety of traffic. The aim of the project is to construct a good, continuous motorway from Helsinki to Hamina.

The budget for the Koskenkylä – Kotka project is approximately EUR 285 million. The project is included in the Finnish State's 2010 budget, and competitive tendering for the project will begin in 2010.

The project will be implemented using the life-cycle model. In the life-cycle model the Finnish Transport Agency, as the client, organises a tender competition for a comprehensive service in which the service provider is responsible for the project funding, design, construction and maintenance during the long agreement period (15-20 years). The planned construction period is 2011–2014.

Source: Finnish Transport Agency