Finland is ranked first globally in the Networked Readiness Index

Finland shows an impressive level of excellence and consistency in ICT readiness and usage, according to report by the World economic Forum and INSEAD.

Finland is ranked first in the Networked Readiness Index (NRI) of The Global Information Technology Report published by the World Economic Forum and INSEAD. Finland has reached the top of the NRI rankings for the first time, thanks to improvements across two-thirds of the 54 indicators of the NRI, showing an impressive level of excellence and consistency, according to the report.

Finland appears in the top three of each of the four subindexes and in the top 10 of nine of the 10 pillars, and topping two of them – skills and economic impacts. According to the report, the impact of ICTs in Finland also extends well beyond innovation, permeating the entire economy and society. For example, Finland ranks first on the indicator capturing the extent to which ICTs create new services and products.

Finland’s lowest rank among the 10 pillars is its 19th position in the affordability pillar, which can hardly be considered a weakness given that, among high-income countries, ICT services in Finland are among the most affordable.

Virtuous digital circle

As set out in the government’s Digital Agenda for 2011–2020, Finland has set in motion a virtuous digital circle offering exceptionally conducive institutional and business environments, world-class infrastructure and arguably one of the best educational systems in the world. As a result, ICTs are ubiquitous and penetration rates are among the highest globally.

In Finland 90% of households are equipped with a computer and 90% of the population use the Internet, mostly at broadband speeds. Finland is an innovation hub, boasting the world’s highest number of PCT applications per capita in the domain of ICTs, and the third highest when considering all domains.

The Networked Readiness Index gauges a wide range of factors including the friendliness of a country’s market and regulatory framework in supporting high levels of ICT uptake the degree of a society’s preparation to make good use of an affordable ICT infrastructure the efforts of the main social agents to increase their capacity to use ICTs as well as their actual use of ICTs in day-to-day activities and the broad economic and social impacts accruing from ICTs and the transformation of a country toward an ICT- and technology-savvy economy and society.

Source: World Economic Forum, INSEAD