Finland considers mobile access to patient data

Mobile certificate would enable doctors to read patient data on mobile phones and tablets.

Doctors and other health care professionals in Finland may be able to access patient data on mobile devices in the future. Finland's Population Register Centre and the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health will examine the possibility of remote access to patient data offered by the use of a mobile certificate.

Access to patient information is currently provided through a certification card. The mobile certificate would be a parallel certificate granted to the holders of the existing certificate and would be produced the Population Register, which is the statutory certification body for the Finnish health care system.

Access to patient data systems would also require a personal identity certificate on the mobile device, for example on the SIM card of the mobile phone. If implemented, the reform would require major changes to the hospitals' information systems, as well as additional funding for health care equipment and software development.

Source: Turun Sanomat