Finland among the least vulnerable countries to climate change

Finland is ranked as the second-lowest risk country in the new Climate Change Vulnerability Index, published by the global risks advisory firm Maplecroft.

Finland is the world’s second least vulnerable country to climate change, according to the Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI), released by the global risks advisory firm Maplecroft. The index presents a new global ranking, calculating the vulnerability of 170 countries to the impacts of climate change over the next 30 years.


The new Climate Change Vulnerability Index enables businesses and organisations to identify areas of risk within their operations, supply chains and investments. It evaluates 42 social, economic and environmental factors to assess national vulnerabilities across three core areas. These include: exposure to climate-related natural disasters and sea-level rise human sensitivity, in terms of population patterns, development, natural resources, agricultural dependency and conflicts thirdly, the index assesses future vulnerability by considering the adaptive capacity of a country’s government and infrastructure to combat climate change.


“There is growing evidence climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of climatic events,” said Environmental Analyst at Maplecroft, Dr Anna Moss. “Very minor changes to temperature can have major impacts on the human environment, including changes to water availability and crop productivity, the loss of land due to sea level rise and the spread of disease.”


The Climate Change Vulnerability Index is the central component of Maplecroft’s Climate Change Risk Atlas 2011, which also evaluates the risks to business relating to emissions, unsustainable energy use, regulation and climate change vulnerability.


Source: Maplecroft