EU to ease constraints on digital markets

Finnish company Kwantic Oy launches the first test laboratory to support digital business marketing in Finland.

The licensing of copyrighted products is another factor that has been slowing down the development of the market, which the EU is trying to ease by introducing a permit that covers the whole of Europe. According to Olkkonen many parties need to be able to license on a Europe-wide basis.

The Finnish company Kwantic, an online business optimization agency specializing in analytics, user research and marketing, has announced that it has launched the first test laboratory in Finland for digital business. The tools of the laboratory are predictive modelling, analytics, testing of purchase processes and the evaluation of user experience. According to Timo Wallius, managing director at Kwantic, the laboratory provides guidance in the use of digital marketing methods, helping companies to decide what digital channels they should invest in.

Sources: Kauppalehti, ITNyt