Endomines reports record gold production at Finnish mine

Swedish mining company Endomines AB produced 244.5kg of gold during the second quarter.

The Swedish mining company Endomines AB has recorded its highest quarterly gold production since the inception of the Pampalo mine located in Ilomantsi, eastern Finland. The mine produced 244.5kg of gold during the second quarter, compared to 168.8 kg during the previous quarter.

The Pampalo mine is located on the Karelian Gold Line, a 40km long gold critical belt, where Endomines controls all currently known gold deposits. The mine has been in production since February 2011.

According to Endomines, the company's continuous safety improvement efforts are also producing results, and this was the second quarter without any Lost Time Injuries at Pampalo. “Our own workforce has now worked 460 days without accidents, and our contractors over 100 days. I am also pleased to report that our processing plant capacity expansion project is progressing as planned,” says Markus Ekberg, CEO of Endomines.

All Endomines' mineral assets are located in Finland. In addition to the Pampalo mine, the company also has several other gold and industrial mineral properties at various stages of development. According to Endomines, Finland is politically stable, has a highly developed infrastructure and is ranked as one of the most favorable jurisdictions for the mining industry.

Sources: Endomines