Efficiency and environment major factors in choice of business premises in Finland

New survey by Skanska reveals that companies in Finland are now looking for more flexibility and energy efficiency and when selecting the location of their premises.

In terms of sustainable development, the major factors in the decision-making regarding business premises are energy efficiency and location. There is also an emphasis on the efficiency and flexibility of changing the spaces for different purposes.

Good public transport links and accessibility with a private car also have considerable weight in location decisions. The availability of car parking and considerations regarding the health and safety of personnel are also important factors when selecting premises. The energy efficiency and environmental impact of the building has now risen to become the third most significant criteria for choosing premises. There are also greater demands in terms of the technical facilities of the space.

According to the survey, Helsinki city centre is seen as the most attractive office location, followed by the Ruoholahti district. A third of the respondents stated that they were likely to move to new premises during the next three years. The demand for business premises is focused on high quality properties.

Source: Skanska