Culture Boosts Helsinki to New Heights

Cities have great significance as enablers of urban culture. When developing new cities, high-quality planning and implementation of public space is crucial.

“As cities are planned, we can use subtle means to enhance the spirit of the place and usher in also new experiences. Streets, squares and parks are key areas in enabling urban culture”, says Hannu Penttilä , Deputy Mayor of the City of Helsinki.

The city itself – as well as the people who live there – are the most important resources here. In addition, we need also special meeting places: libraries, theatres and museums. When they are successful, these cultural anchors offer up a brilliant manifestation of the city dwellers’ values and talents.

We Finns are proud of our nation’s literary tradition and cultural legacy. We are building a central library in a high-profile downtown location, to serve as a hub of information and arts. Various new museums communicate our values through visual and conceptual arts. We extend an invitation to all our international friends to come to Helsinki and get acquainted with this new decade of Finnish culture.

Culture in Helsinki is a potent resource of a new era like the ultimate magic machine Sampo of ancient Finnish mythology, culture has the power to spread well-being to everyone.”

New areas for business and living

In the forthcoming decades, Helsinki will expand faster than ever before, with the construction of a variety of apartments, offices, kindergartens, schools, parks, streets and recreation areas. The City of Helsinki aims to build quality neighbourhoods where people can enjoy both work and leisure. The recent construction of a new cargo harbour in a different location some distance away from the city centre has provided the opportunity to develop the site of the former old port and railway yard area for other uses, radically altering the appearance of Finland’s capital.

Source: Nordicum Real Estate Magazine, City of Helsinki