Case study

Coromatic sees Finland as Eastern market gateway

Coromatic is a Nordic full service provider of data center solutions focusing on the physical protection of information, hardware and systems.

In Finland, Coromatic started operations in 2011. ”It was a natural choice to come to Finland after Norway and Denmark,” says Kari Ojala, Managing Director, Coromatic Oy. Coromatic offers a reliable concept that guarantees availability. Furthermore, Coromatic creates a contingency plan following analysis and consultation, in order to achieve not only the correct degree of security, but also provides day-to-day maintenance and service to securely preserve the level that customers have decided and put in place.


”Coromatic constructs around 70 computer facilities each year, and we take full responsibility for the complete process – from the original idea to project planning and management,” explains Kari Ojala.


The Coromatic Group consists of subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland from April this year. Their head office is located in Stockholm and the Group has a total of 240 employees including four in Finland. Group turnover in 2010 was 72 million euros. Coromatic Ab is a market leader in Sweden in this business sector with 25 years experience.


There were many reasons why the company landed in Finland, in addition to the natural choice mentioned earlier.


”In the whole business area the demand for physical IT security grows as the amount of information increases. We have a good business model and we saw that there was no full service provider of comprehensive data center solutions on the Finnish market,” Ojala explains.


”It´s good to know that Finland’s cold climate is highly suitable for building data processing centers and that it is possible to have a high energy efficiency level here as well. In addition, the general geological conditions are stable because major earthquakes do not occur here. These are the points which Invest in Finland highlights when attracting data center investment to the country.”


Finland is also seen as a gateway to Eastern markets, such as Russia and the Baltic countries. According to Ojala, Finland is a growing market where Coromatic has the right solutions to do business.


”The response of the clients has been very positive. There has been a gap in the market for an operator which is independent from the component suppliers and now we can fill it. I believe Coromatic Oy can double its turnover in the coming year - we have already received our first orders.”


Kari Ojala describes the personnel of Invest in Finland very helpful. “In addition, we both have a mutual interest to make big companies understand how favourable soil Finland offers for business.”