Construction of new wind park commences in Finland

Taaleritehdas invests over EUR 30 million in 8 wind turbines in northern Finland and has plans for 80–100 more.

Construction work has started on a new wind park located in Ii, northern Finland, by the Finnish wealth management company Taaleritehdas. Eight wind turbines will be erected at the site in spring 2014. The investment is worth over EUR 30 million and the main contractor for the construction work is NCC.

The new wind park will produce about 78 GWh of electricity annually, which is the equivalent of the energy needs of 3750 detached houses or 25,000 two-room apartments. The 120 metres high wind turbines will be supplied by the German manufacturer Nordex. Taaleritehdas has also used the same model of wind turbines from Nordex at its first wind park which started operating in Honkajoki, western Finland, in July this year.

More investment in wind power

Taaleritehdas is planning to establish 50 more wind turbines in seven different locations in south-west and southern Finland as well as a 30–50 wind turbine project in Posio, northern Finland. The total output of the projects will be about 120 MW. Finland currently produces about 200 MW of electricity from wind power.

Taaleritehdas is a private Finnish wealth management company and one of Finland’s major actors in the wind power sector. More than 200 Taalerintehdas’ clients have invested in wind power projects through its Tuulitehdas fund.

Sources: Taaleritehdas