Business confidence in Finland indicates positive outlook for 2011

Retail and services are currently the most confident sectors of the Finnish economy.

Business confidence is reasonably strong across the main sectors of the Finnish economy, according to the latest confidence indicator data published by the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. EK’s confidence indicator for the industrial sector is above the long-term average and rose slightly in December. Production is expected to increase and the situation in Finland seems better than in most other European countries.

In the construction sector the confidence indicator rose markedly in December, reaching its long-term average level. Employment is expected to increase slightly in the sector. Meanwhile, confidence in the service sectors has generally remained very strong, and sales growth is expected to continue at the beginning of this year.

In the retail sector the confidence indicator went up noticeably in December and is now clearly above the long-term average. The outlook for this sector in Finland is better than the EU average and sales growth is forecast to continue this year.

Source: Taloussanomat