Bilingual Vaasa becomes major call centre cluster in Finland

Many companies are locating their call centres in the western city of Vaasa, where both Finnish and Swedish are widely spoken.

The city of Vaasa on Finland’s western coast has become one of the major call center clusters in the country. Vaasa has 12 major call centres which currently employ 750 people and the number is still increasing. Nordea Bank has one the largest call centres with one hundred employees. Other major companies locating their call centres in Vaasa include TeliaSonera, Fujitsu, OP-keskus and Fennia.

The number of call centre personnel in Vaasa has been increasing by about 20% annually for the past three years. One of the advantages of Vaasa as a call centre location is its bilingual environment, where both Finnish and Swedish are spoken widely.

Negotiations are underway with another company planning to establish a call centre in Vaasa, according to Stefan Råback, Development Director of VASEK, the Vaasa Region Development Company. VASEK is owned by the municipalities in the Vaasa region and its main tasks are industry and company consultation, regional development projects and the marketing of the region.

Source: Pohjalainen