Aon rates risk of doing business in Finland as “negligible”

Finland is one of the safest places in the world according to the 2013 Aon Political Risk Map.

The British insurance and risk management company Aon Risk Solutions has ranked Finland as the second safest place in the world, after Greenland. The 2013 Aon Political Risk Map measures the political risk of 163 countries and territories according to a wide range of issues that could adversely affect overseas business interests.

According to Aon, the risks in Finland are negligible and there is a low threat of terrorism in the country. No terrorist attacks took place last year and the authorities did not announce that they thwarted any major plots. Civil unrest and protests are rare in Finland and there are no perils on the country.

The key risks analysed by the Aon Political Risk Map are exchange transfer, legal and regulatory risk, political interference, political violence, sovereign non-payment and supply chain disruption. According to Aon, its data is useful for identifying out where business is most vulnerable to risks.

Sources: Aon, Kauppalehti