Academy of Finland funds water research projects with EUR 11 million

Multidisciplinary research will examine the sustainable governance, adequacy and future safety of water and aquatic resources.

The aim of the programme is to generate new, scientifically sound and relevant knowledge and to create and strengthen national and international networks that can help produce this knowledge. At the same time, the programme will aim to achieve significant societal impact.


The research will be carried out in the universities of Helsinki, Oulu, Eastern Finland, Tampere, Turku and Aalto University during 2012-2016. Other participants include the Finnish Environment Institute, MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Government Institute for Economic Research, Finnish Forest Research Institute, and the National Institute for Health and Welfare.


The multidisciplinary programme will conduct research on water, water systems and water safety from different perspectives , including environmental research, jurisprudence and cultural studies. For example, a project led by Ilkka Miettinen (National Institute for Health and Welfare) will research sustainable water use and water safety, and examine the sources, behaviour and mobility of microbiological and chemical toxins.


Björn Klöven (University of Oulu) will lead a research project into groundwater eco-systems and how groundwater resources and land use should be managed in the future. Arja Rosenholm (Tampere University) heads a project examining what water has meant to people during different eras and in different locations through language, literature, culture, history, technology and environmental sciences.


Source: Uutisverkko, Academy of Finland