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Finland is the epicenter of bioeconomy with over EUR 4 billion projects.


Finland is the epicenter of bioeconomy revolution with over EUR4 billion projects in operation and under planning. We turn innovations to products with ones like 100% renewable biodiesel, traffic fuel from tall oil, dissolving pulp for textiles, pyrolysis oil, and cross laminated timber. If you are looking for new business opportunities, now is the time to plant the seeds of growth in Finland.






No heated expectations, just cold facts why Finland is the best place for your data.


We have over 50 investment-ready locations available. In Finland, it is easy to save up to 50% on energy costs compared to other European locations. Store your data in a safe place where privacy is guaranteed by the constitution!




Investor from Peppermint: Finnish healthtech scene is very exciting


According to Klaus Stockeman Finland has done a better job than Germany in digitalizing it’s healthcare. He was quite impressed that in Finland 98% of medical records are in digital forwards. Mr. Stockeman was also surprised how many interesting companies he met at Healthtech Investment Europe 2017 in Helsinki Finland.




Investor Saraceni comments on Finnish healthtech start ups

Excellence in technology and quality of the teams is at the top level in Finland, says health sector investor Diana Saraceni from Panakès Partners. “Healthtech Invest Europe is highly efficient event for the investors”. Watch our short video from event organized by Finpro´s Invest in Finland unit.




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Barrabes expanded to Finland by setting up a subsidiary, NapapiiriHub



Bayer Nordic headquarters are situated in Finland



Nuviz concentrated its entire R&D development in Salo, Finland



Neolitics empowering a new era of process analytics



IBM opens its Watson Health Center in Finland



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