Invest in Southeast Finland project

Southeast Finland offers excellent investment and business opportunities in Logistics, Digitalization, Bio economy and Tourism. Google has one of its largest Data Centers in Europe in the area. The densest forest industry hub in Europe has created many green opportunities. 13 000 islands and 15 000 km of waterline form a nature paradise for outdoor tourism.

Our location between the East and the West offers a market of 10 million people with St. Petersburg only a 2,5 hour drive. Northern Europe’s main railway hub and Finland’s leading export/import harbor located in the area make the region extremely accessible.


Southeast Finland in a nutshell



In Southeast Finland, there is a rapidly growing network of energy technology and environmental engineering companies. With their commitment to ambitious environmental objectives, the cities in Southeast Finland offer a great environment for businesses operating in the fields of bioeconomy, energy technology and environmental engineering.


Southeast Finland hosts world class digital infrastructure for data centers


One of the Europe’s biggest data centers (Google) is in the area, the region boasts well connected zoned sites for new data centers and excellent fiber connections to East and West.



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Invest in Southeast Finland project
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