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Competitive workforce

If you are looking for well-educated professionals with high productivity and competitive costs, you should consider Finland. This is exactly what Finland has to offer.


The Finnish workforce is experienced and exceptionally well educated. Finns know global business and are used to working in a multicultural environment across different time zones in English. Over 90% of Finns under thirty speak English. In addition to Finnish language, Swedish is Finland’s second official language and many Finns also speak Russian.

In 2015, the World Economic Forum estimated that Finland has the best human capital in the world in terms of education, well-being and employment. According to OECD (Education at a Glance 2016), the highest performing graduates in Europe come from Finland.

Education in Finland is free for all residents, including postgraduate researchers *)

Due to a structural change in the Finnish ICT sector, there is now a unique opportunity to engage top talents. ICT brainpower is available with an extremely competitive cost. Nokia’s intellectual capital ensures that Finnish engineers know how to mass manufacture even the most complex electronics.


The Finnish talent pool continues to be replenished with Finland’s superior educational programs. Teachers in Finland must hold a Master’s degree and education-specific qualifications. Finnish ICT companies and the Finnish gaming industry have also partnered with schools to help develop cutting-edge digital learning solutions that make learning fun!

Education has made Finland into a world-class knowledge-based society. Higher education is provided in 14 universities and 24 universities of applied science, also known as polytechnics. The network of higher education institutions is exceptionally dense and regionally comprehensive by international comparison. Education in Finland is free for all residents*), including postgraduate researchers.




*) Please see Finnish Immigration services for detailed information>>

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Employee costs estimation calculator


Local and income tax (26.8%)
Pension cost (5.15%)
Unemployment insurance (0.6%)

Employee receives monthly

€ 2158


Pension contribution (average 17.95%)
Employment accident insurance according to risk and the size of the company (average 0.8%)
Unemployment insurance (0.8%) For companies with total wages over € 2044500, unemployment insurance 3.3%
Group life insurance (average 0.07%)
Employer’s social security contribution (1.08%)
Monthly cost for annual bonus and holiday pay (15.9%)

Total monthly cost for employer

€ 4436

Average employer cost:
22,09% of employee wage for companies with total wages under € 2044500
24,99% of employee wage for companies with total wages over € 2044500

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