Open Society
Open Society

There are thousands of lakes in Finland, and Finland has thousands of examples of world class innovation, ranging from high tech solutions to everyday inventions.

Our society has become an ideal business environment where everything works: from basic infrastructure to high ethical standards. Investments in education and an open, equal society have made Finns independent and creative problem solvers who can boost productivity with new exciting new ideas.

Finns like to make sensible use of their time. They follow timetables and other plans faithfully and expect the same from others. They expect well-defined targets and processes, while taking authority and responsibilities seriously. Finns are careful and gather background information in advance, but they make decisions quickly once they have the necessary facts.


Regardless of their position in the company, many people are on a first-name basis. Finnish companies generally have a flat organizational structure and informal work relationships are commonplace. A healthy sense of humor is also an asset, and if you have the opportunity to take a sauna, try it out, your Finnish hosts will be very impressed.

Equality is at the very heart of Finnish society. Finland has had a woman as the President of the Republic and the President of the Supreme Court. A woman professor or an executive is nothing exceptional.

The best way to experience Finnish culture is to become a part of it. In Finland, you won’t just stand and watch – you’re invited to join in. Come say hi and find your inner Finn!


Open Society
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