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There is now a unique opportunity to engage top talent in Finland. A versatile way of thinking and a true understanding of improving life through digitalization have created outstanding products and services. Due to a structural change in the Finnish ICT (information and communications technology) sector, Nokia’s lasting legacy ensures that Finnish engineers know how to mass manufacture even the most complex electronics.

Finland is home to world leading mobile gaming companies, such as Supercell (Clash of Clans), Rovio (Angry Birds) and Fingersoft. Wearables cover everything from fitness trackers, augmented reality glasses and smart contact lenses to smart jewelry, smart clothes and smart fabrics. A world-class cluster of machinery companies, such as Kone, Metso, Valmet, and Wärtsilä, combined with a high concentration of ICT professionals, has enabled Finland to become a pioneer of the Industrial Internet.

ICT - Finland's unofficial language

Innovation driven and economically successful Finland has given the world the mobile text message (SMS), the Heart Rate Monitor and the Linux operating system, just to name a few. Finland is the biggest contributor to global innovation in the world (ITIF 2016). The R&D expenditure in Finland was 2.9 % of GDB in 2015.


The R&D framework builds on a strong emphasis of IPR protection. It is noteworthy that in a joint R&D project, the IPR is the property of a company, not a research institution or a university in Finland. This encourages companies to develop and test their new digital services in Finland. The most advanced 5G test network brings together, for the first time, the “big three” – Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei – proving the ultimate openness of the ecosystem.






Jump into the Talent Pool

350.000 professionals work in the Finnish ICT and mobile industry, with 15.000 science and technology students graduating annually from local universities. Finland has the best availability of scientists and engineers.*  Finnish society is highly supportive of entrepreneurship, with a flourishing Silicon Valley-inspired business culture. The number of software firms in Finland has risen by 40 % in six years. One benefactor of this trend is Slush, the world’s biggest event connecting start-ups and venture capital. (*World Economic Forum - The Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016)


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ICT & Digitalization
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