Ict and digitalization

The safest place for data

Plug in and cut your energy cost in half


Welcome to Finland – the safest place for data! There are over 50 investment-ready locations available and the co-location and wholesale operators are highly competitive. It is proven that in Finland, it is easy to save up to 50% on energy costs compared to European location.


Smart energy and a strategic location

Due to cool climate you have free cooling at your disposal up to 365 days a year. It is also possible to reuse the center’s waste heat by selling it back to the energy company. Strong technical know-how of Finns, ideal location between Europe and Asia and stable societal and natural conditions make Finland one of the best locations in the world to deliver cloud services. Need we say more?


Keep your data safe

Thanks to Finland’s granite bedrock and no major natural hazards, the Data Center Risk Index 2016 rates Finland as the safest data center location in the EU and fourth safest in the world. This is a reputation we like, a lot.


Need more info? Ask Google, Yandex, Equinix or Microsoft why they already chose Finland as their data center location – or feel free to join the global industry leaders.






Finnish data center opportunities are presented on a spesific map on our data center site. Note please: use desktop to view the map.


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