Datacenter giants in Finland

The Finnish offering for the datacenter business is built upon exceptionally large number of certifiable benefits. There are over 50 investment-ready locations available. The co-location and wholesale operators are highly competitive. It is easy to save up to 50 % on the total cost of operation as compared to operating the same facility in a central European location.

The Data Center Risk Index 2016, which widely covers the top risks likely to affect the successful operation of a datacenters, ranks Finland as the safest location in the EU and the fourth safest in the world.

Being pioneers in telecommunication and internet technologies for the past few decades has provided Finnish companies a strong position as developers and providers of modern cloud based services. Located between Europe and Asia, Finland’s geographical location is ideal.


Finland is already a home for global corporations such as:




Equinix: Equinix (former Telecity) continues to expand data center capacity in Finland. Booming domestic and international demand, and the dynamic ecosystem are driving the growth, ever since the company entered the Finnish market in 2012. Estimated total capacity of their six datacenters is about 20 MW.

Google: In 2009 Google purchased the Summa Paper Mill in Hamina and converted that into a state-of-the-art data center. With further extensions between 2013-2016 the total capacity estimate reaches beyond 100 MW.


Hetzner Online: In 2015 German based Hetzner Online released its investment into C-Lion (Baltic subsea cable), and started building a new data center in Tuusula in the spring of 2016.  Estimated total capacity is 20 MW.

Fujitsu: In November 2016, Fujitsu announced that they will open a datacenter in Finland to deliver their next-generation solutions for digitalization, the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, in the Nordics. This platform is designed in particular for better utilization of cloud, mobile, big data and IoT technologies. Estimated total capacity is 10 MW.


Microsoft: Released in 2013 plans to invest in data center in Finland. Confirmed in 2014 that a new data center has started operations in Finland. Total estimated capacity reaches above 10 MW.

Telia Group: In 2015 Telia released plans to establish a multitenant data center in Helsinki. Construction works started early 2016 and the first phase will be operational in 2018. Total estimated capacity will be 30 MW.

Yandex: Russian search engine company Yandex released its decision to locate their first international data center in Mäntsälä in the spring of 2013 and the first phase became operational in 2014. Estimated total capacity of the data center is 40 MW.


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Datacenter giants in Finland
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