Finland is a safe playground for companies and to their staff
Safe playground

In Finland you feel safe anywhere, anytime. Companies appreciate Finland’s stable and transparent environment for doing successful business.


The Economist ranks Finland among the ten best business environments in the world. The Finnish system has produced a level of political stability and economic continuity not seen in most countries.

The Fund for Peace (FFP) ranked Finland as the most stable country in the world again in 2016. The score is based on key political, social and economic indicators and more than 100 Sub-indicators, including public services, income distribution, human rights and the rule of law.

In the OECD's better life index, Finland performs well in many measures of well-being. For example, high living standards, a good education system and a clean and secure environment. A genuinely equal education system brings equality to society as a whole and equality between genders is self-evident. In fact, in Finland girls and women are often better educated than boys and men.


Long-Term Political Risk Index ranks Finland seventh as the least risky country out of 194 countries globally

A high level of health care and day care for children has also facilitated equality. Well-being for families means well-being for children. According to UNICEF, Finland ranks among the top five nations in the world in terms of child well-being.

Finland is one of the least corrupt countries in the world, which is reflected in its business life. Finland consistently ranks among the least corrupt nations in surveys and studies conducted by Transparency International. Agreements are respected, and Finns are known to keep their word.  

The low level of corruption makes doing business in Finland more straight-forward than in most places and is one of the attractive features of the country as an investment location. The judicial system is independent and impartial: in Finland, you can expect your case to be processed fairly, in accordance with the law.


Finland is seen as a leader in data sovereignty, with more responsible policies towards the protection, retention and collection of electronic data than most other European states. The Finnish government also has no interest in imposing unreasonable restrictions on the country’s important telecommunications industry or in forcing it to take part in activities that would jeopardize the privacy of clients and companies.


According to BMI Research, (Fitch Group), Finland will remain one of the most politically stable countries globally over the course of our 10-year forecast period (2016-25). The main reasoning for this are Finland’s well established and functioning state bureaucracy, an effective rule of law and various personal freedoms and civil liberties, such as one of the world’s most progressive gender equality legislation.




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