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Take your bioenergy competence to the next level. Global leaders in technology and first-rate R & D make Finland an excellent target for bioenergy investments.

Mega trends are key drivers


As the world's population continues to grow, we will need 45% more energy, 50% more food and 30% more water by 2030. These trends – combined with concerns about energy security, climate change and urbanization – are the drivers behind the rising demand for bioenergy. Today, biomass represents around 14% of global energy consumption. That figure is expected to rise to over 20% by 2030.

Finland has become a global leader in the utilization of wood-based biomass for energy production, thanks to its exceptionally strong forest sector and extensive investments in bioenergy R&D&I since the 1980s. Finnish companies are experts in holistic bioenergy solutions that span the entire value chain, and can meet the demanding requirements for  feedstock and mixed bio-fuels.
Ultimate high tech to maximize feedstock value.

Today, the Finnish bioenergy sector encompasses the whole value chain from forest management and feedstock harvesting to bioenergy supplies. More than 300 companies and organizations employ over 20,000 people in Finland.Leading combustion and CHP technology companies include global players Andritz, AMEC Foster Wheeler, Outotec, RENEWA, Valmet and Vapor Boilers. The leading companies in the feedstock harvesting and processing chain include BMH Technology, John Deere, Kesla, LMH Hakkuri, MHG Systems, Raumaster, Ponsse and Saalasti.

Companies such as Pöyry offer world-class expertise and consulting services for forest management and utilization, waste management and bioenergy production.  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is one of the world’s leading applied research institutes in this field, with a strong command of bioeconomics. The European Forest Institute has its headquarters in Finland, adding another layer of expertise. CLIC, an open innovation cluster with 30 companies and 17 institutions, coordinates cleantech and bioeconomy portfolios to create system solutions and offers resources that are often out of the reach of smaller enterprises.

Bioenergy sources contribute over 20% of the national energy consumption. #1 user in EU


At the forefront of sustainable bioenergy

Finland is a pioneer in developing new technologies to turn various biomasses into gaseous and liquid biofuels. The use of bio and wood based transport biofuels is increasing in Finland. The development is led by major forest and energy companies, such as UPM, Neste Oil and St1. The biofuel infrastructure is supported by medium-sized companies and startups that focus on new, innovative technologies and solutions.


By 2030, the share of emission-free, renewable energy will rise to 50%, and renewable traffic fuels is forecast to reach 40%. A major share of future growth is expected to come from additional production of bioenergy.


Top 10 EU bioenergy producers by volume Bioenergy share of final energy consumption

Source: Eurostat (2014)

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