Wood construction

Building blocks for sustainable success. Finland offers a rapidly emerging market for companies providing top-level knowhow for industrial high-rise wood construction and new building systems.

High rising prospects

Wood construction is growing in the Nordic countries. The momentum for industrial wood building in Finland is right now. Finland is Europe’s most heavily forested country with 86 % of its land area under forest. As the growth potential for sustainable harvesting is currently 60 %, there are plenty of possibilities for the production.

In Finland, wood solutions have had a strong position in the construction sector and the use of wood as a building material is widely accepted. We have well-managed and certified forests that produce high-quality wood for competitive price. There are currently about 170 industrial sawmills in Finland that operate all year round and export their products globally. A strong wood building ecosystem makes Finland is an excellent location for the wood building industry and element manufacturing.

We see opportunities for companies providing top-level knowledge and efficient industrial manu-facturing capacity for solutions in wood frame construction and special structures. There is a potential to develop new building systems, whether independently or jointly with local company base that offer domestic networks and knowledge. The companies can benefit from high-quality workforce and the possibility for development and investment funding.

Ecosystem of growth

The largest industrial log house manufacturers in the world are Finnish companies. We have the tradition, knowledge and industries in place for the use of wood.

New players, both domestic and international, have entered the market indicating new growth opportunities. Recent examples include Finnish company Crosslam Kuhmo - first CLT producer in Finland - and the Austrian company Binderholz Group which acquired Vapo Timber’s sawmills in Nurmes and Lieksa. In addition, Stora Enso has started LVL production in Varkaus in 2016.


Download "Wood -Based Bioeconomy Solving Global Challenges" document. Read about insights of the renewal of the Finnish forest sector and the emergence of the wood-based bioeconomy field. Find out about innovations in the pipeline, and how existing logistical and production processes are providing platforms for start-ups.





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