Yandex to locate data centre in Finland

City of Mäntsälä offers ideal location for Yandex’s data centre, including cheap electricity, good transport connections and low server cooling costs.

Russian company Yandex, which runs the world’s fourth most popular internet search engine, is establishing a data centre in Mäntsälä, southern Finland. The decision to locate the data centre in Mäntsälä is the sum of many reasons, according to Vladimir Isajev, Head of Communications at Yandex.

“We received a good offer from the city and the total costs at Mäntsälä proved to be ideal, including the price of electricity,” says Isajev in an article published by the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. “The city has good transport connections because it is not far from Helsinki. Finland also has an ideal climate for this kind of infrastructure, which makes it possible to optimise the server cooling costs.”

Support from Invest in Finland

The data centre in Mäntsälä will be serving users in Russia, the former Soviet republics and in Turkey. Construction work on the data centre is expected to start in August this year. Yandex’s search engine has more than 51 million unique monthly users.

Invest in Finland played a major role in Yandex’s investment decision after introducing the company to Finland’s strengths as a data centre location already in 2010.

“International companies always compare possible locations for their data centres. Finland has proved with Google and now Yandex that it is a trusted location for the biggest ICT companies in the world,” says Timo Antikainen, Vice President, Business Development, at Invest in Finland.

Sources: Helsingin Sanomat, Invest in Finland