Yandex search engine utilizing innovative business models in operating data centers

Energy recycling and heat re-use is a big opportunity to save and to sell excess heat to community.

Key Note Speaker, Mr. Ari Kurvi, Data Center Manager for Yandex in Mäntsälä, Finland highlighted the hottest topic in the sector in DataCenterConverged@CeBIT on Wednesday’s Key Note: Energy recycling and heat re-use as a big opportunity to save and to sell excess heat to community. And not only that, but to reduce community’s Co2 emissions by vast amounts.


The datacenter building that is shaped like an airplane wing’s in Mäntsälä, Finland is a cooling machine itself: architecture helps cooling – by creating underpressure behind the building and thus helping to move the air inside building. So it makes sense that Yandex plant’s cooling principle is direct air-cooling, and heat transfer losses minimal, which also creates improved efficiency in operating phase.


The datacenter design, the architectural design, and selected location close to the city district heating network and utility grids combined makes the Yandex Mäntsälä datacenter simple and clever at the same time.


From Cooling machine to Heat Plant


As said, a datacenter is a data plant and a heat plant on the same time: the added value Yandex creates in Mäntsälä is to not only provide Yandex cloud services to global audience, but to also recapture, re-use and to sell excess heat to the local energy company, not only to reduce data center’s Co2 foot print but to transform the datacenter from a cost center to a cash register of the future.


In first phase Yandex is ramping up 20MW datacenter in Mäntsälä, with recapture and reuse of heat built into the system. In the future expansions in Mäntsälä, Finland, new technology for heat recapture and reuse will be developed, to enhance the efficiency even more.