World’s largest terrestrial wind turbine to be built in Finland

Kotka Energy Ltd is planning to construct a 5.5 MW wind turbine that will start producing electricity in two years’ time.

The Finnish energy company Kotka Energia is planning to construct a 100m high wind turbine in Mussalo in south-west Finland that could produce up to 5 MW of electricity. The blade span diameter of the new wind turbine will be 150-165m, according to Vesa Pirtilä, managing director of Kotka Energy. This would make it the biggest terrestrial wind turbine in the world.


Wind speeds are still being tested on the site of the proposed wind turbine. Kotka Energy also has plans for a 3 MW wind turbine on the extension of the Mussalo deep-water harbour. In 1999 the company constructed two 1 MW wind turbines on the industrial site located close to Mussalo.

Source: Tekniikka&Talous