Wooden apartment buildings project planned in Finland

Energy-efficient block of wooden apartment buildings will be constructed with cross-laminated timber building system.

The buildings will use Stora Enso’s cross-laminated timber (CLT) building system based on prefabricated boards that can be applied for external and internal walls, ceilings and roofs. According to Stora Enso, the CLT system offers a short assembly time and the board properties include air tightness, fire resistance, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation – in addition to environmental sustainability.

The Finnish government is committed to promoting the use of wood as a building material in both public and private sector construction. Fire regulations that previously held back the construction of multi-storey wooden apartment blocks have been revised and the number of new wood construction projects has increased significantly. Finnish companies that used to focus mainly on paper production are now also creating innovative solutions using wood as a construction material.

Stora Enso is a paper and board manufacturer with some 30 000 employees and 85 production units worldwide. The company’s sales in 2010 were EUR 10.3 billion. Lakea Oy is a property services and development company in the Pohjanmaa region in western Finland owned by 15 municipalities from the region.

Sources: Keskisuomalainen, Stora Enso, Lakea