Wood plays major role in creation of new urban district in Finland

Isokuusi district is designed to showcase ecological wood construction and innovative urban living.

The wood architecture in the unique district will create a harmonious whole while showcasing the diversity and different possibilities of wood as a construction material. Isokuusi is also planned to be a carbon neutral area, so renewable and recyclable construction materials will play an important role from the start of the project. The construction work is set to begin in 2013.

Isokuusi is a joint development project by the City of Tampere Vuores project, the wood industry’s joint research company Finnish Wood Research, and Tampere’s ECO2 energy programme that supports projects promoting a low-carbon and carbon-neutral urban structure. Researchers, urban planners and other specialists are working closely together to create a prime example of modern ecological wood construction and innovative urban living.

Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, is proposing that wood is adopted as one of the themes in an architectural competition for the Guggenheim museum planned for Helsinki. According to Reijo Kangas, Director of Real Estate and Construction Industries at Tekes, wood has been under-estimated as a material especially in the construction of public buildings and should be used to showcase Finnish know-how in the so-called ‘wow architecture’. A new study by Tekes shows that developers are still not familiar with the possibilities offered by wood construction.

Sources: Finnish Wood Research, Yle.fi