Wood emerges strongly across the Finnish construction sector

Wood is increasingly used in residential, retail and office construction, according to Finnish technical consulting company Vahanen Group.

The qualities of wood as a construction material and its image as a low emission construction material are increasingly important in the Finnish marketplace, according to Risto Vahanen, Chairman of the Board at Vahanen Group. As one of the biggest Finnish-owned technical consulting organisations in the construction and real estate sector, Vahanen Group is currently strengthening its own design know-how in wood construction.

“Wood is emerging strongly in the market for apartment buildings now that the issues related to fire safety, sound insulation and vibration have been sensibly resolved,” says Vahanen. Wood is also ideally suited for supplementary construction, especially in the suburbs. “This is supported by wood’s positive aesthetic impact, which is already a value in itself,” says Vahanen.

Growing popularity

Wood is also increasingly visible in property solutions undertaken in the Finnish retail trade sector, according to Vahanen. “Ecological issues are also emerging in the market for office space and we are already witnessing this trend,” he says.

According to Vahanen, wood construction based on industrially prefabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT) elements can provide significant cost savings, and CLT boards are less prone to errors and damage than sandwich structures. In his view, CLT boards also dry better and are not as susceptible to the impacts of climate change. “Wood has a good lifespan when used correctly,” says Vatanen.

Source: Puuinfo