VTT brings a new innovation tool to the software market

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a body of knowledge for software companies.

The purpose of the Software Innovation Body of Knowledge, or SinnoBoK is to speed up the emergence of new business models. SinnoBoK is based on research that VTT has carried out on the birth of innovations in the software sector. The research investigated innovation processes within the software sector, identifying the origins of new innovations. The development of business models is vital on the software market, where the importance of new operating models continues to increase. The research belongs to the wider Information Technologies supporting the Execution of Innovation Project, ITEI.

SinnoBoK can be used in developing different processes for the software sector, but in the future it can also be applied to different fields. This is the first time that innovation processes of software companies have been researched so widely.

There are 29 different organisations involved in the project, which will continue until 2011. Continuation for the project has already been planned. A book will eventually be published of the findings of SinnoBoK.

Source: Good News from Finland