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Vaasa: The Nordic Hub for Energy Technology

The Nordic Hub for Energy Technology
With a turnover of €4.4 billion, EnergyVaasa is responsible for 30% of the total Finnish energy technology exports. The hub consists of 140+ energy industry businesses, including several global players.
The export rate of EnergyVaasa companies is over
80 %
Source: EnergyVaasa

Business opportunity:

EnergyVaasa is a hub of companies delivering high-tech solutions and offering great opportunities for global growth in the energy sector. The EnergyVaasa companies have tripled their R&D spending and doubled their R&D personnel in recent years and continue investing in it. 90% of Finland's R&D work within electricity and automation takes place in Vaasa.
More information and contact Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma.

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