Finland is global champion in renewable energy. Finns have the ability of turning extreme conditions into commercial success cases. Already today the Finnish cleantech industry is one of the cornerstones of the Finnish economy. Finnish companies are global leaders in energy efficiency, clean industrial processes and bioenergy. Read more about cleantech

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Vaasa: The Nordic Hub for Energy Technology

The Nordic Hub for Energy Technology
With a turnover of €4.4 billion, EnergyVaasa is responsible for 30% of the total Finnish energy technology exports. The hub consists of 140+ energy industry businesses, including several global players.
The export rate of EnergyVaasa companies is over
80 %
Source: EnergyVaasa

Business opportunity:

EnergyVaasa is a hub of companies delivering high-tech solutions and offering great opportunities for global growth in the energy sector. The EnergyVaasa companies have tripled their R&D spending and doubled their R&D personnel in recent years and continue investing in it. 90% of Finland's R&D work within electricity and automation takes place in Vaasa.
More information and contact Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma.

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