UPM to build the world’s first biorefinery producing wood-based biodiesel

UPM BioVerno biodiesel produces 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels.

“The biofuels business has excellent growth potential. The quality of our end product and its environmental characteristics has gained significant interest among a wide range of customers, and the investment is profitable. Lappeenranta is the first step on UPM’s way in becoming a significant producer of advanced second generation biofuels,” says Jussi Pesonen, UPM President and CEO.


The main raw material of UPM’s hydrotreatment biorefinery in Lappeenranta is crude tall oil, which is a residue of chemical pulp production, mainly generated in the production of sulphate cellulose from softwood. A significant part of the raw material comes from UPM’s own pulp mills in Finland. According to UPM, its BioVerno biodiesel will decrease vehicle greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%.


Finland’s target is to increase the share of biofuels in transport fuels to 20% by the year 2020. The annual production of UPM’s biorefinery will contribute about a quarter of Finland’s biofuel target.


Source: UPM