Unique pharmaceutical production line opens in Finland

Promis Centre’s continuous processing production increases the quality of tablets while speeding up production and cutting costs.

A sophisticated continuous processing pharmaceutical production line has started operating at Promis Centre, a research centre focused on the development of methods for the analysis and optimisation of pharmaceutical processes, which is based in Kuopio, eastern Finland. The production line – the only one of its kind in Europe – was developed for R&D purposes but it also caters for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

“Continuous processing increases the safety and uniform quality of the final product. Each tablet contains the same amount of medicine,” says Professor Jarkko Ketolainen from the University of Finland. In continuous processing, the flow of material stays even and there are no pauses in between the manufacturing stages. This assures a more uniform quality of the end product than possible in traditional batch production.

Better quality and cost-efficiency

Continuous processing offers possibilities to increase cost-efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Promis Centre’s production line can produce the same quantity of tablets in 20 minutes that would take several days with traditional techniques. The production line comprises feeders, mixers, conveyors and a tablet machine, but the core of the production line is built around a roller compactor for dry granulation.

Promis Centre is a multidisciplinary research consortium involving the University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and some 20 industrial partners ranging from global to small local enterprises. The new production line is located in the facilities of the University of Eastern Finland.

Sources: Savon Sanomat, University of Eastern Finland