Unique geothermal energy research centre planned in Finland

University of Vaasa will host the internationally unrivalled research centre and will also examine opportunities for utilising geothermal energy at the university campus.

According to Research Director Erkki Hiltunen, the project will create an unusually diverse research and product development centre and a unique environment for training in the field of geothermal energy. He believes that the university’s Palosaari campus area is particularly well suited to geothermal energy research as within a small area it is possible to study geothermal energy, watercourse energy, sedimentary energy, rock energy and asphalt energy.


Other parties involved in planning the infrastructure and funding of the project include the University of Applied Sciences Novia, Merinova, VASEK, Heo-Pipe GP Oy, Värmex Ab, and the regional councils of Pohjanmaa, Keski-Pohjanmaa and Etelä-Pohjanmaa.


The first research will focus on asphalt energy. “We are interested in what layers of asphalt or in what layers under a building is heat stored, and how the soil behaves,” says Hiltunen.


Sources: University of Vaasa