Case study

Uniflex Suomi aims to streamline staffing and recruitment

Uniflex Staffing is a Swedish staffing and recruitment agency that provides temporary and permanent recruits for the industrial, construction, warehouse, transport/ logistics and commercial/office sectors.

The company is one of Sweden´s leading recruitment agencies with almost 50 offices nationwide and over 5 000 employees. At your service In addition, Uniflex Staffing has operated in the UK since 2008 and established another subsidiary in Norway two years later. The newest area is Finland where Uniflex Staffing founded Uniflex Suomi Oy at the beginning of 2011 before starting the business properly in March.


"We have been very successful in Sweden and we thought the model could be successful in Finland too. The things that can be done in Sweden are achievable here as well,” says Mikael Kronzell, Managing Director, Uniflex Suomi.


The company plans to expand its business to other countries and become an international operator.


"Finland was a natural choice due to its geographical and cultural closeness. It is good to note that our clients and their branches are spread throughout the Nordic countries and now we are able to provide them with our staffing solutions in many countries,” Mr. Kronzell continues.


The focus of Uniflex is on the blue collar and non-academic white collar sectors. At Uniflex they want to make recruitment as simple and straightforward as possible for their clients and staff.


"We believe that we have a refreshing, unique and professional approach to supplying skilled and reliable people. Our dynamic team offers a bespoke service, complete flexibility plus a personal touch all too rare in the industry today," explains Kronzell


In Finland Uniflex Suomi is targeting mainly the industrial and construction markets although Kronzell says that any company that needs help with staff is a potential client.


At the moment Uniflex Suomi has four employees in its Helsinki office. Because operations have just started in Finland, it will take some time before they can see the results of setting up here.


"Interest shown towards us has been surprisingly good among clients. A lot of positive response, and we have already received many inquiries. I hope our low-price strategy will be successful in Finland, too," Kronzell states.


He goes on to add that Uniflex Suomi has acted independently when establishing its Finnish subsidiary. “However, if we need help in the future, we will definitely contact Invest in Finland as they have been delightfully pro-active.”