Ukraine crisis increases interest in Finnish data centre expertise

More Russian companies are looking for data backup and duplication services from Finland.

The crisis in the Ukraine has increased the interest of Russian companies in Finnish data security know-how, according to Ilmari Vallo, CEO at DataCenter Finland Oy. Russian companies are especially interested in data backup and duplication services.

“Issues concerning business continuity are taken seriously in Russia and it seems that people there are talking even more about backups, for example, than in Finland,” says Vallo in an interview with the Tietoviikko magazine. Backing up data is also a major business concern in the Baltic states.

Secure location

Alpo Akujärvi, Senior Director at Invest in Finland, confirms that there is currently high demand from Russian companies for data centre services. Research by IKS Consulting suggests that the Russian market will grow by about 22% annually until 2016. “As a result, Finland is a high potential alternative in terms of local companies offering data centre services or as a location for data centres built by foreign companies,” says Akujärvi in Tietoviikko’s article.

Finland’s competitiveness as a data centre location is underpinned by its ideal climate for cooling data centres, the reliability of the country’s electricity supply, its secure and predictable society, and the trustworthiness of its infrastructure and data communications. A change in the Finnish energy taxation system will also provide data centres with cheaper electricity, starting in April this year.

Source: Tietoviikko